Dynamic Composite OzDeck

As the suburbs of Perth extend further along our coastline there is a growing demand to provide swim schools for learning and education aimed toward young babies and school children.

This project features The Swim Factory in O’Connor. The Swim Factory wanted to develop a pooling area that would reflect the values and attitudes of the surrounding families and community.

Thus, they decided it necessary to create a safe, sophisticated space where children, parents and the like, could frequent on a daily/ weekly basis.

The Swim Factory used ocean Granite Grey composite Ozdeck for the platform that surrounds this large above ground pool. Composite Ozdeck’s are great product that provides a warm under foot -especially in winter. They have a soft grip texture that offers a non-slip surface and allow for an easy board removal for pool equipment care and maintenance.

It’s easy to see how the Composite Ozdeck is becoming a leader in the market for those with pools or looking to install.

If you’re looking for a great option aside from tradition tiles, paving or concrete, contact us today!