Polycarbonate The Light Answer

There’s no greater feeling than harnessing Australia’s abundance of sunlight during the colder winter months.

Polycarbonate covered roofing is a great way to trap in heat and insulate outdoor entertaining areas whilst also protecting from the rain. Having said this, you can find yourself sweating a bad design come summer when you’ve minimised the potential time you could be spending around your outdoor lounge.

The image in this feature article demonstrates how you can create a harmonic, seasonal, outdoor living area. Surrounding the entertaining area with plenty of structures and trees provides shade and casts shadows which minimalises the effect of constant sun coming through heating up the patio.

Furthermore, the clear, lightly tinted polycarbonate roof captures sun light creating a space that feels open and natural whilst filtering out UV rays from the sun.

If you’re looking to create a space that captures natural light, protects you from the rain and strength of the sun, look no further than the polycarbonate roofing. Contact us today and get started.