Retro Fit Cabana

Timber Decking is one of the most popular and widely used Landscaping Designs.

It’s popularity stems from its ability to be used in multiple projects, whether it’s natural or Composite, or a combination of both.

Mixed Timber and Composite Decking and Screens add richness to your living space by creating texture and bringing the warmth of the indoors- out.

In this featured project, the client chose to run with both natural and Composite Timber Decking. Incorporating both products can be tricky so it’s important to recognize that it’s less about the marriage of products and more about the contrast between the two.

A magnitude of products have been used on this featured Cabana and I believe it’s fair to say the area has been transformed into a stylish, well established, mature garden.

If you’re looking to create a dynamic, sophisticated outdoor living space combining both mixed Timber and Composite Decking then contact us today.