Tropical Bamboo Screens & Panelling

There is nothing quite like escaping the chaos of city to relax in tropical paradise.

As gardens and block sizes are decreasing in size, it’s becoming increasingly popular to take care in creating a soft and natural balance around the home.

We all know and love that peaceful feel that takes over and clears the mind when we relax at our favourite Aussie getaway destinations. So, why not recreate these magical places in your own backyard?

If you’ve decided it’s time to escape into your own tropical inspired living space then Nature Reed Bamboo Panelling is a perfect fit for your home.

A Timber Frame around the Bamboo Panel is a great option in contrast to the traditional Timber Slat Screening.

Bamboo Panelling and Screening helps to further enhance the tropical feel and is a great complement to the Timber Shingle and Thatch Gazebos.

Save money on plane tickets and create your own tropical oasis!